Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I was going to write about how melancholy I was today but instead I'm going to write about funny things that just happened:

1) P.A. : "The gallbladder is filled with smudge"
Me: "Smudge? Are you sure?"
P.A.: "Yes, you know, smudge *makes hand motion*"
Me: "Sludge? *makes hand motion*"
P.A.: "Ah yes, sludge, what did I say?"

2) Me: "You seem to be having a really bad day today"
P.A.: *total straight face* "That's because I am stoned."

Turns out he's taking robaxacet every 2 hours... but at first I thought he meant like... stoned stoned. I mean, he is french.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ahahaha that is hilarious!
Love the new layout by the way!

Harry said...

lol, lost in translation :)

i like the new header too!