Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wiped out

I'm exhausted this week - hence no blogging. Ben and I went to the cottage for the weekend with 7 friends and had a great time swimming/eating/frisbeeing/drinking/watching crazy drunk neighbours play "King of the castle" with a Keg. My cousin and her boyfriend came, which was great because we haven't seen them in a while and he's also foreign so he and Ben have a lot to talk about both being from the general UK area and in Canada. They both have had some of the same troubles meeting people and making friends in this country and, as much as I think Canadians are very friendly people, I agree that some of our cultural practices make it harder to meet new people here. For example, in Britain you can go to a pub and pick up a game of pool with someone who you've never met and sit and have a beer and you're not considered weird because you're alone - or at least you wouldn't be in Glasgow. Here, people just don't do that, and they don't usually interact very much with strangers, making it difficult to get to know one another. Ben tried joining a volleyball league but, much to his disappointment, most weeks they all just go home after games instead of going to the pub or whatever. I'm encouraging him to join more things, like maybe a climbing club, to meet more people - I think persistence is the key!

Nextweekend we're renting a nice kevlar canoe (ours is crappy and fiberglass and weighs 300 pounds) and going on a day canoe trip. There are quite a few nice loops put together by the Frost Center in the area of my cottage, so we'll most likely try one of those.

This weekend is going to be moving weekend, gotta go to university town and move all of my things from one apartment to my new house. Ugh. I hate moving. Ben is already whining and it hasn't even happened yet. I'm moving in with 2 girls from my class and 3 other random people. Should be interesting.

Anyhoo, that's all for now, life just aint all that exciting!

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck with the move. I know, it sucks, but at least then you'll be set up well ahead of classes starting and you won't be unpacking and going to classes simultaneously.
I'm moving the last week of August, but I'm actually kind of excited about it even though the actual packing/moving won't be much fun at all.