Friday, August 10, 2007

So can I just say that the Jays game was AWESOME because we won 15 to 4. Unfortunately, ARod wasn't playing because I would have liked to see him get hit by the ball again for being a dickhead, but Jeeter played badly for which I am truly greatful. I bought Ben a Jays hat, we ate pizza pizza and drank beer, life was good.

Ben has just come home from Scotland, which means that he is remembering everything that he loves about Scotland and is all "boo Canada" and the discussion comes up again about whether he's going to apply for landed immigrant status and stay here until I can finish medical school and residency or not. I'm happy to go and work in the UK (I can get UK citizenship through my Dad who was born in Wales) but I think it will take a lot of tests and paperwork and I might not even get a job given the current state of the NHS. Ideally, I would be able to move there and work as GP in a small Scottish town and we could live happily ever after and I could get Kirstie and Phil from Location Location Location to find me the perfect house so I could tell Kirstie how much I love her and want her coat with the big buttons. But, life is never that easy, especially when it comes to having to write the British boards, take an equivalency OSCE, and learn how the british healthcare system works. Who knows what the future holds, thank god I have 4 years to figure it all out. I'm going to apply for my passport soon though to make sure it all goes through fine.

This weekend we're going to the cottage with a bunch of medical school friends and my cousin and her Irish boyfriend, should be good times. I think I"m going to go rent "Hot Fuzz" because, although I saw it last weekend, Ben and Gary (Irish guy) would love it. It was so hillarious for anyone who has ever lived in Britain or knows anything about Britain, seriously, rent it. It's by the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead.

Work is really slow right now. Apparently, every surgeon is on holiday so we don't get any dictations. So, I read things on the internet and now I'm blogging. I told one of the residents yesteday that I was a med student and she looked at me like "then why the hell do you have that job" like it was below me or something - how snobby. I like this job and the people are great and it lets me visit my friend who's in the hospital whenever I want, and it isn't very taxing on the mind - perfect for the end of the summer.

Anyhoo, I'd better go look like I'm doing something useful. Have a great weekend everyone!

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