Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writing, writing, writing

I've never been any good at finishing off projects. I'm a great starter of research but when it comes to writing things up, I always fall down. I have 3/4 of my paper done for the research I did this summer and I've lost steam. Much like the 2 papers from my masters thesis that I wrote up and have now lost interest in - 2 years later, they're still sitting unfinished on my laptop. I guess this is why I'll never be an A+ researcher, unless I have a partner who writes everything up. But, alas, I have to finish this research report in order to graduate so I'm going to have to get my bum in gear and finish off the results and discussion. The hard research and writing stuff is done, but now comes the cutting it down to a reasonable size part, my nemesis.

Due to the canoe trip we're going on this weekend, I'm not going to have time to finish it off then. I'd better get my bum in gear this week, but oh how I long to enjoy the last week of my vacation!!!! Tonight Ben and I are going to a nice bike shop downtown to drool over lots of gear. Wish me luck on not spending any money!


Amy said...

I'm only writing up my thesis papers since my supervisor is now my boss and will be my boss in my next job too. So yeah... I get reminded in every meeting. It's always on the agenda. Maybe it's a good thing though. But I can find distraction no matter what. I have ADOS: attention deficient... oooh shiny...

Harry said...

i always hated writing up lab work, just about forcing yourself to sit down do it and feel much better when you've got it over with.

lab work is not for me.