Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Grand Tour

The Tour De France is over and FINALLY Cadel Evans has won. I have bet on him many times in the past and this year I've finally been rewarded. This year is supposedly the cleanest year in tour history. Read about it here. I almost cried watching him standing on the podium listening to the Australian national anthem. I think it was a good thing that he didn't win yellow until the last day as that jersey seemed to weight him down in the past rather than give him wings. I'm so happy for him.

Yesterday I did a tag-team 8 hour mountain bike race in temperatures over 30 degrees and humidity over 40%. Many people were pulled from the race with heat stroke. After 5 laps each, my partner and I had to bow out - her with stomach issues and me with leg cramps. It was still a fun day of riding my bike!

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