Friday, July 22, 2011

Wow. Yesterday was the day of trends. Started the day with 4 c-sections. 2 planned and 2 people coming in with rupture of membranes before booked repeat sections. Then there were a couple of vaginal deliveries and then it started... the big babies came. In total I did 14 deliveries yesterday and 2 were over 10 pounds, another 3 over 9 and an 8'15. Shoulders were tight on one, everything was tight on the other 10 pounder. One woman was told she was having a small baby and her previous baby was only 7'5. This was a bit of a shock and she did not have an epidural... What a tough lady! She was a champ.

It was an exhausting day but I really felt like I enhanced some people's birthing experience and all but 1 baby was healthy (there was one expected fetal demise with genetic defects). And there were beautiful twins that didn't have to go to nicu. all in all a good day on L and D but I'm exhausted.

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XE said...

14 babies! You are a champ! Hope you get a post-call day to sleep that off.