Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I was going to post pictures of my water skiing adventure today but Ben managed to leave his memory card at my parent's house - maybe tomorrow. Tonight we're going to go to the batting cage/mini golf with my Dad, should be interesting. Last time we went to the batting cages I managed to hit my first 65 mph baseball only to then hit my second in the wrong part of the bat and set up a resonance that travelled down my arm and numbed the whole thing. This time I think I'll be wearing gloves.

My first week of work as a transcriptionist is over and the second has begun. This isn't as hard as it originally seemed to be and I feel like I'm settling in well. A few of the clinicians have difficult accents which makes things hard and sometimes puzzling (fecaliths in a french accent doesn't sound like any recognizable word) but once you get used to someone's manner of speaking, things get easier. I would like to give some tips for dictations though:

1) Turn off the radio - it's hard enough for me to hear you let alone try to decipher which is an add for Ontario Place and which is your patient history

2) Turn off the tape if you're going to cough, it makes me deaf.

3) Ask others in the room to stop talking and laughing (see #1 for reason why)

4) Don't sneer at me or feign disbelief when I call you because you've forgotten something - you make mistakes too and I'm just trying to make everything run smoothly

5) Keep up the thank-yous. I usually get a nice thanks at the end of a tape, and it is appreciated. We both have a job to do!


Midwife with a Knife said...

My favorite transcription story: Apparently while dicatating a c-section at like... 3am, a very sleepy me must have fallen asleep while dictating. And started narrating my dream. And the dictation was hillarious, because the transcriptionist transcribed exactly as I mumbled. Kudos for him or her! And it provided me with a good laugh.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

LOL MWWAK, I love the story!! :)