Friday, July 27, 2007

One of the things about working in an administrative position is that I have to be dressed nicely every day. I'm not very used to this because I usually dress up a couple of days a week to see patients, at most. This has meant that I keep running out of clothes in the middle of the week and need to beef up my wardrobe a bit. So, I've done some serious shopping. I've managed to buy everything on sale and for really good prices, but after showing up to work in a brown skirt and black shoes and black purse, I think I may need to expand my shoe wardrobe to a pair of brown shoes. So, today the search begins at the nine west outlet. I have a love/hate relationship with shoe shopping due to the fact that I have very long and narrow feet. It's hard to fit into shoes. I buy lots of cute shoes and have to abandon them within weeks because they hurt my feet too much - I have yet to find the formula for a perfect shoe. Wish me luck on my search!


Amy said...

My mom has the same problem. I think in the end she had one pair of shoes in 3 different colours. but then that also could be due to the fact that she isn't all that daring and it conservative in her shoe choice.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I love shoes :) Enjoy the shopping! I can only wear runners cause of the injury, but it's still tons of fun to browse all the cute sandals and heels :) Hope you find something perfect (and hopefully on sale as well).

Thanks for the well wishes about the housing situation! I finally found something, and I think it'll work out well :)