Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A lonely week for me

This week Ben has gone back to Scotland to visit with his family and take a bit of vacay from the hectic engineering life. That leaves me all alone except for my Dad (I'm staying at my parents house) and my cat. Dad is good company but he's going out to dinner every day this week so he won't be around much. I've already spoken to Ben 3 times and he only left on Saturday night at midnight! For the record, I wasn't planning on speaking to him for a second time yesterday, but he called me when he couldn't sleep. We'll see if I can hold off calling until Wednesday. This does give me an opportunity to finish my mental health and sexuality research paper for school so I can hand it in and get it off my plate. I'm sure my supervisor is wondering where the promised report is! I have to edit this thing like crazy, I think my lit review is longer than the whole paper is supposed to be. A friend of mine went through a chopped a bit out of it so I have to go through her comments and make further changes. I also have to get my referencing sorted so that it meets all of the necessary requirements. Man, I feel like I'm going to school a month early. I want to take a nap just thinking about it.

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