Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dreary days

Oh my have I ever had a hard time getting out of bed these last few days. Daylight savings time please come and rescue me. Plus, it's been raining non-stop which doesn't help.

I really want a sunrise alarm clock which slowly starts turning on a light in your bedroom 15 minutes before you get up.

I think it would be such a better way to get up because when I was on ortho surgery and I had to get up at 5 I was able to do it because it was light outside. Unfortunately, they're expensive! Maybe I'll ask for one for christmas.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Wait!! Stop!! Before you go and invest in one, I've got a solution!

I have the same problem getting out of bed in the morning when it's dark, so when I get up to turn my alarm clock off (it's across the room) I turn on all the lights in my room. I have one particular lamp that for some reason makes it look like it's sunny in my apartment (I didn't do it on purpose, that's just the way it is) and it wakes me up really well!

What I'm planning on doing to simulate one of those fancy clocks is to buy a timer for my light... my Dad bought one once when we were going out of town for a couple of weeks, you program it so that the lights in your house will go on at a certain time to make it look like someone's home, apparently then you won't get robbed or something. Anyway, it's maybe 15 bucks at Canadian Tire, so I'm going to get myself one of those, and set it so that my nice bright lamp will come on a little bit before my alarm clock! Perhaps that would work for you too?

medstudentitis said...

I feel like the gradual nature of the light really adds something to it. Plus, I think the alarm clock light is the right light intensity for a S.A.D. lamp so it actually has some health benefits!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You're right about the gradual thing, but I figured for a cash-strapped university student I'll make do with what I can engineer up myself :) I just figured with med school tuition being the insanity that it is that you'd maybe want a less expensive alternative, but hey the real deal is probably better.

Hope you're enjoying psych!

medstudentitis said...

Rest assured, i'm not going to be buying it for myself! That's where grandparents and christmas come in...

HM said...

I'd be really tempted to buy one myself for clinical years. At the mo the only thing that gets me up is my futurama phone alarm, sort of gentle but gets annoying after I keep hitting snooze.

I know what you mean about SAD and light levels, personally I quite like the dark early evening drawing in but it does make it difficult to get up in the morning.