Monday, November 05, 2007

Body Jam

I just got home from Body Jam. If you don't know what it is, it's a class offered at goodlife fitness clubs. It's basically a dance/cardio class and it's super fun. I can never come out of that class feeling bad, which is why it's perfect for mondays. I always go into it feeling like I'm going to die or vomit or shit my pants after doing RPM (the goodlife spinning class) but then make a nice recovery in Jam. Usually on a Monday I would then do Body Flow (tai chi, pilates, yoga) after, but we have another rehearsal for our class dance tonight so I had to come home and shower and eat an apple. By the way, I've discovered my favorite kind of apple - honey crisp. They are SO GOOD. Crunchy and juicy and not too sweet and not too sour. Oh Granny Smith you've been replaced, and it feels so good.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Woah, you do three classes in a row? That's impressive! I used to do three dance classes in a row one night a week in high school, but I was dead for the rest of the night! Other nights I had two classes in a row and those evenings were not as bad, but I was still pretty pooped for the rest of the day. Good for you!

Amy said...

OK three classes in a row and then you have an apple. My dear we need to talk. About recovery nutrition. Chocolate milk is where it's at. No joke. There was a study on recovery beverages and cyclists. And the best recovery was chocolate milk. You need more then an apple!

Harry said...

Woah my monday night - cook dinner, watch some south park and meet my brother for drinks.

Somehow I think you will live longer than me!

Unless of course, there is some horrible body jam accident, heavens forbid.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Amy's right, the sports nutritionist that taught the sports nutrition section of our exercise science class said that the best recovery meal you could have post-workout would be a glass of chocolate milk and half a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Important to get those carbs within half an hour of finishing your workout too cause that's when your muscles are most receptive reloading the glycogen stores!
(I *heart* sports med, can you tell? LOL!)