Monday, November 26, 2007

busy day

I had gyne clinic this morning - looking at cervixes, yay. This afternoon I have a technical OSCE and I feel exhausted. I don't think I slept very well last night at all. This OSCE seems like a waste of time to me. Each station is 5 minutes, we perform two technical skills (lumbar puncture, IV, ABG, airways and bag/mask ventilation, suture) and then we demonstrate our technique for getting in and out of an isolation room. The whole thing is just pointless because we keep being told we don't have to do certain things: put in anesthetic, clean wounds, etc. but we have to say that we would do these things. It's just so unrealistic. And I'm tired dammit. I just want to go home. We have our class photo tonight so I can't even really go home after the OSCE. I have lots of studying to do but I'm just not in the right frame of mind. Argh. At least tomorrow we have the day off so I can sleep in a bit.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck on your OSCE! (The fact that you can do an LP is tellement cool, just so ya know.)

Katie said...

I'm new to your blog but wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading through your archives! I'm also interested in OB/GYN, so many of your posts hit home for me!

Milk & Two Sugars said...

Keep on keeping on. At least if it's stupid, it must also be easy. It's just one of the ever-dwindling steps to you becoming Dr Medstudentitis.