Thursday, November 01, 2007

I got it!!!!!

I am so stoked. I just got my U of T elective. Wooohoooooo! No more worries about that then.

So, here's what my elective schedule looks like:

4 weeks U of T ER
3 weeks in Moose Factory
3 weeks McMaster Obs/Gyn

Then hopefully I'll get my 2 weeks at UBC either in reproductive health or psych but that's until next summer so I'm supposing the information won't come through for a while. This is the most wonderful news I've had a while - what a load off my mind!


Amy said...

YAY!!! See you worked yourself into a tizzy again! But you got it.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!! Does that mean that you'll get to spend your whole U of T elective with Ben??

(Moose factory?? A place traditionally known for many moose or something?)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh dear, apparently I'm horribly ignorant and Moose Factory an actual place. Sorry!

Milk & Two Sugars said...


Harry said...

AWESOME! Well done dude, rock on.

Calavers said...

Well done! Doesn't it just feel so great when things like this work out?!

I'm happy for you!

the little medic said...

congrats, excellent news!