Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sometimes review sessions for exams do more harm than good. They freak the shit out of me that I haven't got enough done and don't know all of the answers. They make me more nervous than I should be. And, they make everyone in the class starting talking about how hard the exam is going to be. Argh. If they didn't hint at what was on the exam, I wouldn't go. But, alas, they do give good hints.

The semester we've covered endocrinology, obs/gyn and GI. GI is worth a ridiculously large part of our mark and is taught ridiculously badly. It makes me want to cry just looking at all the shit I gotta learn.

In other news, I tested my blood sugar today at the diabetes education center and it was 3.2 I guess I don't have diabetes. **** Note: this is in mmol/L


med school mama said...

please say that was your HA1c. funny, we just did that the other day too. mine was 86...relieved.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I kinda like the review sessions that scare the crap out of me, cause then I study way harder and end up doing superbly on the exam. But then again, if you've been studying super hard already then it wouldn't be much help I guess and would probably just create more nerves!

Lol, my friend Tanya and I wanted to test our blood glucose levels this weekend... over the course of Saturday and Sunday we progressively convinced ourselves that we have diabetes! We spent most of Saturday and all day Sunday reading literature on diabetes and writing a paper on it, and then we started to get a wee bit convinced that we had the symptoms! A classic case of "medstudentitis" I think! (Once the paper was done we went back to normal!)

Milk & Two Sugars said...

Oh, good luck Medstudentitis! Do try to stay sane and calm any way that works for you. You have my sympathy from this side of the world. :)

Harry said...


i actually thought this week, for an instance that i should get my blood sugar checked, as I'm always peeing and tired.

then i realised i drink tea all day, dont exercise and sit in a dimly lit room as i write up my pbl.

medical student syndrome is it?

Liana said...

Nice pun... studying GI, learning shit.